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Author: <span>stefan_alphaeff</span>

Commercial real estate law: Do you need an attorney?

Purchasing commercial real estate is a significant investment for anyone, be it an individual or an entity. More often than not, such purchases can turn into very complex tasks and require attention to detail and a high level of expertise to get them right. Considering the size of your investment and its importance, it’s advisable … Continued

Title Company in Miami, FL

While many home buyers understand the services provided by mortgage lenders and real estate agents, there seems to be some uncertainty regarding what a title company does and why its presence is essential for a seamless home closing experience.  Critical factors a title company in Miami performs in the closing process, some of which include: … Continued

How much is title insurance in Florida?

When purchasing a house or any type of real estate, one of your top priorities should be to ensure you have legal ownership of the property, including ownership rights and interests. In case the title is incorrect, faulty, or even burdened with unsettled legal claims, you may be in for a high-risk transaction. A title … Continued

Are you looking for a title insurance lawyer in Florida?

Title insurance is often a confusing concept to many first-time home buyers. You may wonder what title insurance is, why it is required and who pays for it. It’s vital to have all your questions answered prior to closing, and finding a reliable title insurance lawyer in Florida can help you make the right decisions … Continued