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December 26, 2022

Real Estate Lawyer in Miramar, FL

Some estates require sellers or buyers to hire a real estate attorney to oversee some parts of a property transaction; others leave that option up to you. A house transaction involves different legal aspects that can be complex and tricky. A real estate agent can assist you in many aspects of the transaction. But a real estate attorney is the most suited professional to help you navigate the legal aspects of a property sale or purchase.


A real estate lawyer is a legal professional trained and experienced in all real estate matters. Buying land or property goes beyond choosing the perfect piece of property on which to invest your money. There are many legal aspects to keep in mind when executing such an important investment. A real estate agent can help you in many ways. For example, to find the ideal location, an affordable house that meets your needs, and to put you in contact with a trustworthy mortgage lender.


Hiring a real estate legal professional will help you on the legal side of the transaction. Having an attorney by your side will save you time and money and prevent you from making mistakes that are often overlooked by people non-educated in legal aspects. The real estate attorneys from our law firm have licenses to practice law and are knowledgeable of Florida real estate regulations. 

Looking for a title insurance lawyer in Florida

When purchasing a property, one of the most important things you should do before signing any document or paperwork is to check the property’s title. Attorneys from our law firm can assist you by doing a title search or contacting the title company. Why is it crucial to conduct a thorough title search? To avoid future unpleasant surprises that can lead to serious problems. 

After making an offer on a house sale, you must confirm it has a clean title. That means different things.


For instance, you should check that the seller is the actual and only owner of the property and is entitled to sell it. If the property has several owners, you should check if every owner agrees on the sale. Maybe you are dealing with a divorced couple or a group of siblings that inherit a property. In any of those cases, you will want to verify the legality of the sale before making any risky move. And during a title search, other issues can appear along the way, or even after you bought the property and become the legal owner.


An unknown heir can show up out of the blue reclaiming ownership of the property. Maybe the search failed to find a lien on the house – that is why a title search should always be left in the hand of experts. But to give you peace of mind, title insurance exists. They protect your investment from any hazards that come up after the property closing. A good real estate lawyer in Miramar will always advise you to purchase title insurance.

How can a real estate lawyer in Miramar help you?

Hiring a real estate attorney to oversee your purchase or sale has many benefits. On the one hand, an experienced lawyer will guarantee everything is done under the law and assist you if any problem arises. A real estate lawyer will defend your best interest during the process. But the practice areas of real estate attorneys are several; their job involves many activities. That means they can help you in different ways. 


For instance, real estate attorneys can give you a hand with your estate planning. Thinking about wills, trust, and life insurance is never something you are looking forward to doing. At our law firm, our lawyers understand this is a sensitive matter. We want to help you with your estate planning and getting your affairs in order as efficiently and as fast as possible. We will find the best estate planning option for you and your loved ones. 


Real estate lawyers are well-informed about construction law. At Law Mandel, we recommend you hire a property inspector to check the house conditions. Suppose the inspector finds any troubles in the edification – cracks in the ceiling, or water damage, among other issues – that can mean costly repairs for you. You can talk with the seller and get them to fix those issues before the purchase. Or you can negotiate and get the seller to lower the property price. Reale state attorneys are skilled negotiators; they will help you get the best possible deal. 


If you are dealing with commercial property, there are many more legal aspects you have to be aware of. That gives you a couple more reasons to have a real estate attorney making sure the purchase or sale goes smoothly. Legal rules regarding the use of the property for commercial purposes are complex and vary from one locality to another. Sometimes, even different neighborhoods have different regulations; and will demand you to get several permits. Look after your investment and start your business on the right foot. Our real estate lawyers will guarantee your business meets all the local legal standards before you execute the purchase. And we will help you get all the permits you are required to have. 

Get in touch with the best real estate attorney company

Hiring a real estate lawyer in Miramar to oversee your property transaction is the best option to ensure everything goes as planned. The aspects in which a legal professional can assist you are countless. – from title insurance to negotiations. And while some estates require you to enlist a real estate attorney to be present only at the closing, we recommend you seek legal advice before that. 


Buying a home or a property for business purposes is probably the most important investment of your life. You need to be smart and protect your investment. Luckily, Law Mandel’s experienced real estate attorneys are ready to guide you. Our years of experience in the real estate field make us the one to call. Schedule a meeting with us, and let us know how we can help you. 

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Real Estate Lawyer in Miramar, FL