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November 22, 2022

Title Company in Miami, FL

While many home buyers understand the services provided by mortgage lenders and real estate agents, there seems to be some uncertainty regarding what a title company does and why its presence is essential for a seamless home closing experience. 

Critical factors a title company in Miami performs in the closing process, some of which include:


  •    -Determining and eliminating issues that might put your ownership rights at risk
  •    -Providing insurance policies, and therefore protecting both the homeowners and the lenders
  •    -Handling escrow accounts and closing details

   -An experienced title attorney from a real estate law company in Miami can be your greatest asset during your real estate purchasing process.   

   -They can handle all the complex processes that lead to closing and ensure your peace of mind by minimizing and eliminating any issues that may jeopardize your rights to property ownership.


Choosing the perfect match Title Company in Miami, Florida

If you’re looking for a professional title company in Miami, FL, there are a few things to bear in mind before making the final cut and starting your collaboration. The success of your choice can either make or break your real estate closing experience, so it’s important to take your time and select wisely. We’ve listed a few questions you can ask prior to hiring your title insurance company:


  • How much experience do your attorneys have? An extensive experience in the real estate industry can significantly contribute to the quality of your title insurance policy. Keep in mind this policy can protect you from any mistakes made in the past or regarding the property’s previous owners, so it’s best not to take chances.
  • Is my investment safe? Unfortunately, some companies simply sell title policies to collect premiums; you should make sure you can trust your title company with your investment. They are responsible for ensuring your peace of mind for as long as you own the property. A fully-staffed accounting and escrow departments are also important because that means the company has established internal procedures to secure your money.
  • Will you conduct an in-depth title search and communicate the results? The only correct answer to this question is – yes. Your chosen title company is required to conduct a comprehensive title search and property examination, as well as provide the documents for any exceptions they find during the search.
  • How long do your title searches take? Several factors can determine the duration of your title search; for instance, if the property is quite old, you can expect your title search to take a bit longer. However, an average title search lasts up to two weeks; if the company answers your questions for a period significantly longer than that, you may be better off looking for another one.
  • Are there other fees besides your title insurance rates? While you may be tempted to go for a company with lower title rates, it’s essential to remember you shouldn’t compromise on getting core title and closing services. With that in mind, make sure to ask the company about all their regular rates as well as any hidden ones that may come up during the process.
  • Are you locally operated and owned? A local title company in Miami, FL, will be more experienced, have extensive knowledge about the real estate laws and procedures, and be more familiar with the market you’re buying in. They’ll also be more relevant to answer how much is title insurance in Florida.
  • How long has your company been in business? An established title company has an extensive experience with different types of issues and transactions, so you can expect they’re less likely to witness money-related problems or go out of business.
  • Is your title company responsive? Your chosen title company should provide an exceptional customer service experience and promptly answer your calls or emails to address any concerns you may have.

Benefits of using an Attorney Owned Real Estate Title Company in Miami

Although there are two types of title policies, not both of them are required. For instance, you may be familiar with the lender’s title policy because the borrower is required to purchase it prior to obtaining a home loan. On the other hand, an owner’s title insurance policy is not necessary, but it’s undoubtedly beneficial to keep you safe for as long as you own the property. If you’re buying a residential or commercial real estate property and are still unsure whether you need a title insurance policy, the following list of title insurance benefits may help you make the right choice: 


  • Proper time management – Having experienced closing agents by your side can ensure you meet all your schedules and deadlines regarding both the title issuing and your business. A title company will make sure to deliver all the required documentation on time and take a significant weight off your shoulders so you can focus on your work instead and make sound business decisions.
  • Protection of your rights and ownership – When initiating the buying process, you should be familiar with all your rights as well as obligations at the very beginning. A title company can help you better understand your ownership rights and ensure the other parties don’t try to diminish them.
  • Assistance with documentation – There’s no denying that there’s a lot of documentation involved during each step that leads to that closing. And there’s also little to no room for mistakes, so having an experienced lawyer from the title insurance industry goes to your advantage.
  • Assistance with negotiation – Purchasing a real estate property is a significant investment; with that in mind, anyone can get emotional during the negotiation process. The company that takes care of your title work can be unbiased when negotiating to secure all your interests.

Our title insurance services

Our title company in Miami, FL, offers a number of services specifically tailored to fulfill your requirements during each step of the process that leads to closing. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients and communities while diminishing transaction risk. The services we provide include the following:


  •    -Residential Settlement Fee 
  •    -Commercial Settlement Fee 
  •    -Full Title Search 
  •    -Municipal Lien Search 
  •    -O&E Search 
  •    -Short Sale Processing 

Get in touch with an experienced and reliable title company in Florida

Law Mandel is here to help you with your title services needs. We are proud to offer outstanding, ethical representation and counsel. We’re committed to looking out for your best interests and ensuring you get the best Florida title insurance services and real estate closing experience. Our team highly values customer service experience to ensure all your questions and doubts are resolved promptly. 

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